Most Common Mistakes when choosing a Gaming Laptop under 700

ggllaIf you are a real gamer, and you want to buy a new gaming laptop under $700, but you are not precisely a computer geek, read this article to avoid the most common mistakes.

Not Checking GPU

Few retail stores will put on their specs if the laptop has any GPU memory. Most laptops have video processing embedded, but the really good laptops for gaming will hold a separate video card. Either NVidia or AMD will be fine on this, and at least 2 GB of GPU capacity is desired.

Choosing Touchscreens

Games for real gamers are truly demanding when it comes to video processing, and you might want a good keyboard to last long. But few games take a real advantage on touchscreens.

Low-end games such as Puzzle & Dragons or any Farming game will surely benefit from this feature. If this is your kind of game, you don’t need to buy a laptop, buy a tablet.

13” Screen

You will want a bigger screen for gaming. 15” is acceptable. Less than that is something you won’t want after your first 2 hours in front of your laptop. Not just you will find the screen too small, but the keyboard might seem uncomfortable since they are also reduced to fit in.

Less than 1366×768 in Resolution

This resolution is the minimum specified for most games. Less than this can result on incompatibility and at times you won’t even be able to have your game even installed. 1920×1080 is desired, but not mandatory.

More than 1920×1080 in Resolution

That is tempting. Still, you have to think of performance. Having more resolution just means you need to squish in a bit more of your graphic card. The result might include freezing, or having to adjust the frame rate to something lower to get your game rolling smooth.


If you can pay it, go for it. Most likely this will raise your laptop price. You will not need more than 8 GB for gaming, and you might want to spare some dollars by sticking to this rule of thumb.

Slow HDD

Keep your HDD speed at least at 5600 rpm. This spec is desired to prevent having a bottleneck when reading data.

250 GB HDD Capacity

For a cheap deal you might find 250 GB on your HDD, tough this is rare now. Most likely you will get 250 GB storage if it is SSD. Solid State Storage is desired, but a decent capacity is still too expensive. Most laptops come now with a pretty nice 500 GB. Still, if you tend to install and test all new games available and get lazy cleaning your computer, choose a 1 TB option.

HDMI 1.0

This is not a wise choice. Unless you are not planning ever to connect your laptop to your TV, you’d better look up for the latest HDMI. As for today, this is 1.3. This way you will get a transparent share of information, and will keep rapid movements going on smooth.

Now that you have been taught about what to avoid go on and look for the best deal. Good luck!